Some 9,000 families who are tenants in board houses will be able to buy with installments between 28 and 45 euros / month

Some 9,000 Andalusian families who live on rent in homes owned by the Junta de Andalucía can buy such homes with prices ranging between 30,155 and 17,648 euros, which will pay tenants who reside in the mortgage payments ranging between 45 euros per month, for the most expensive apartments; and 28 euros, for the cheapest.

The Minister of Housing and Land Planning, Juan Espadas, signed an agreement with the president of Unicaja, Braulio Medel, to make possible this program, which will be developed during 2010 and 2011, by which Housing, through the Public Company of the Suelo de Andalucía (EPSA), puts up for sale flats for rent belonging to the public park of housing of the Board and that will be directed to the families that live in today.

Espadas explained that this possibility will be offered to families with a series of requirements, such as having incomes that are not higher than 2.5 times the Iprem, that is, income not exceeding 18,000 euros, and who are living at least five years in that same housing as tenants, up to a maximum of 20 or 25 years, with an average of 15 years living in said dwellings on a rental basis.

Also, the counselor, who foresees that this project will achieve its objectives long before the end of 2011 “and said that the measure will be aimed at homes with an area of around 70 square meters, clarified that the measure will be addressed to owners” they have proven in these years their null risk of default by paying their installments rigorously and that they have perfectly legitimated their titles as lessees “.

He specified that the selection of these tenants has been made from an “exhaustive” study in which has been taken into account, among other aspects, which have already paid more than 3,000 euros in rental income and have shown ” fidelity “in the payment of these monthly payments.

Espadas explained that EPSA manages a public park of homes for rent of 49,000 homes and for years has been using this formula to facilitate access to the property of these tenants, so that in recent years 8,600 tenants became owners, although this new program will be “much more powerful and will lead us to double the amount obtained in these years, it will be the largest awarding operation of this type of housing until now”.

The counselor explained that with this project will be proposed to the families chosen the possibility of buying homes between 17,000 euros and 30,000 euros, so that they can choose a number of advantages, they can have a support at the entrance, under the Plan State Housing and the Concerted Plan for Housing and Land 2008-2012, which will be based on non-recoverable aid of 8,000 euros on average, although it could be increased to 12,000 euros if it meets a series of requirements.

In addition, you will be offered the possibility of computing part of the amounts that have been leased as part of the payment for the acquisition of that home, with a minimum of 3,000 euros that would be discounted from the price for tenants who live for five years, but that they will be able to rise up to 8,000 euros of amortized amount if they have been living in that house for more years on a rental basis.

He added that this will be added mortgage loan to which these families may have access, on which Espadas stressed that this agreement with Unicaja “facilitate access to property in favorable economic conditions,” specifically at an interest rate of 1.25 and loans up to 30 years, so that the mortgage rate would range from 28 euros for the cheapest homes and 45 euros per month, so that “it is achieved that these families pay the same amount that today they pay in rent but as mortgage payment of a house they will own. ” “It is about becoming owners of tenants with the same monthly effort in terms of payment of the fee,” the counselor said.

For families who do not wish to opt for a mortgage, since the amount they have to pay to acquire their apartment is minimal, they can request payday loans via Tn38.

In addition to these facilities, the claimants of these loans will be exempt from paying any type of commission derived from their formalization.

With this operation, EPSA could obtain around 100 million euros of revenue, which would be used for rehabilitation or maintenance of the public park.

Espadas, who indicated that the selected families will receive a letter from EPSA offering them the possibility of taking advantage of this program, indicated that of those 9,000 homes, most are located in Seville, with 2,492 homes in slums of Las Huertas, in Seville, capital, o La Paz in La Rinconada; followed by Cádiz, with 1,564 homes, located in neighborhoods such as La Paz, in the capital, or Constitución, in Jerez de la Frontera.

Another 1,477 homes will be located in Huelva, with slums such as La Orden; 1,162 homes in Córdoba, located in Las Moreras; 715 homes in Malaga, with slums like Huelin; 568 homes in Granada, with neighborhoods such as Huerta Carrasco, in Motril; 542 homes in Jaén, such as the Puerta de Andújar neighborhood; and 480 homes in Almería, located in neighborhoods such as Torrecárdenas.

Also, the counselor said that of the total housing, 1,980 will be the highest price, about 30,155 euros -450 euros per square meter, which represent newly built homes between five and ten years, in good condition and located in large or medium cities; another 55.80 will be the intermediate price, of 24,867 euros, which translates into 370 euros per square meter; and 1,440 homes would be the cheapest price at 17,648 euros, which puts the value of the square meter at 262 euros.

In this category, houses older than twenty years old are located in small municipalities or in degraded neighborhoods of large capitals.

Guaranteed by EPSA and possibility of reversal

The counselor said that these families must submit their data and Income declaration to the Unicaja branches, since “the guarantee or guarantee of the operation for the entity to grant the mortgage loan will be EPSA”, so that Unicaja “will grant in all cases the loan, since it has made a selection of families with guarantees in the payment” and added that “in any case, if there was any difficulty in the payment of mortgage payment, the guarantee is EPSA itself”.

He explained that in this case of default, the public company would stay with the house again and the person who lived there would be a tenant and the not owner, but would not stop living in it; it would go back to the previous situation. ”

For his part, the president of Unicaja, Braulio Medel, showed his satisfaction for this agreement, which is part of a “quite close” cooperation with the Ministry and trusted in the success of this initiative, for which he has planned 156 million euros He added that in 2000 he signed an agreement similar to that “and that worked quite well, since more than 4,000 homes were sold”.

He added that this action “recovers the origin of the savings banks, which was to serve groups that were not of interest to all financial institutions”, after which he stressed that this type of initiative “is a very viable economic measure and the savings and possession of a home are encouraged for people who have it more difficult “.

After noting that the failure to access mortgage financing “explains 80 percent of cases of inability to access a home,” Medel said that with this type of initiative “an economic need and a social need is met”.